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I started emailing with Heather about scheduling a mentor session several months before we set a date. She helped me to create the foundation of a profitable business before there was even a guarantee we were going to work together. I came to her after completing one Photoshop and one Intro to Photography class. I had never tried to take images of a person professionally, much less gorgeous images of stunning women in lingerie. I was nervous that I wouldn’t have the technical skills to be a photographer. Finally, it was time to work with Heather, so I scheduled two, two day mentoring sessions. I was excited; it was the first step in the direction of my dream to own a luxury boudoir studio.

Heather was warm and encouraging throughout our first meeting. It is obvious that she doesn’t just mentor as a source of income; she clearly cares about making your business a success. Together, we went though marketing, album creation, editing, sales, finances, and so much more! Then it was time to shoot. Eek!

I told Heater prior to my arrival, that I didn’t expect to be skilled enough to take portfolio worthy images the first day. I clearly underestimated her passion and ability to teach; within hours we were shooting a phenomenal model in her enviable studio. With her guidance and coaching I took an album full of images I am proud of on the first day! The sessions were exhausting; mind expanding, and wonderful.

In my time with Heather, she organized 3 model shoots and one non-model shoot. All of the girls I worked with had their hair and makeup professionally done, and were patient with my newbie status. During the shoots, Heather would help me pose the models and look over my shoulder to ensure I was capturing the right angles and lighting. I was very comfortable asking for assistance, she never made me feel like I should know the solution to the problem I was having.

Both of my two-day sessions were so imperative for building the skills I need in this industry. Heather has continued to give her opinions and advice, as I need help. I feel like she is my cheerleader, friend, and my aspiration. I do believe I am miles and miles ahead of where I would be if I had not booked a mentoring session.

Being a Boudoir photographer can be intimidating, and the amount of confidence Heather instilled in me during our time together is priceless. I looked at a few other options before I made the decision to go with Columbus Boudoir, and here are the reasons I choose her. Many boudoir photographers shoot in a specific style or light, Heather can shoot in natural light and with strobes extremely well. She can diversify the style of her shoots, some are soft and glamorous, and others are edgier and vampy. Posing is tricky, and Heather is great at working with all body types in a variety of settings. Her studio is fabulous, if you haven’t seen the pictures, you need to go look right now! I have followed and been amazed by her images for years, I do believe portfolio to portfolio, she is the best at what she does.

I loved my time mentoring at Columbus Boudoir so much; I want to do it again! I plan on having Heather come to my studio to work with me again in the future. I sincerely feel that she is the best at what she does, and by learning from her I will be successful accomplishing my dream.

The personalization started with the first email I sent saying I was interested in your mentoring program. You were very quick to respond, very informative, you wanted to know about me and what I needed help with. I liked that you wanted to know what equipment I had and what experience I have had so far. You answered every question I had at the mentoring session and you were always checking in with me to see if I had any questions. I liked that I could shoot along beside of you and that you were checking the back of my camera consistently to make sure I was getting what I should be getting. There is nothing better than getting hands on experience from an expert. You made me feel so comfortable! I am actually a pretty shy person always have been and you made me so comfortable.

Heather will teach you whatever you want to know, this is invaluable. Getting to know you camera, meter, lighting, exposing correctly, natural light, studio light, posing, post processing, marketing, whatever you are struggling with she can help you! She provided a model and a non model to shoot. Heather is such a great person and her mentoring program is such a blessing.
I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you Heather!

My boudoir mentor day with Heather was awesome from the start. She got to know me, my style, and expectations through email and a couple of phone calls. She gave me a great idea of what to expect and how to prepare myself. We chose a model and discussed posing.

Upon arrival we chatted for a moment, toured the boudoir studio (which is amazing!) and then got to work. We started by answering my questions. She answered and explained everything in great detail and before I could think of another question she was already answering it.

We critiqued my boudoir portfolio and prepared for the model to arrive. We checked and compared our camera settings and did some test shots. Once the model arrived we got to the fun part! She was patient and guided me through the whole shoot. We went over do's and dont's on posing and lighting. Every shot that was taken was checked and discussed. Heather and I worked together in way that made the shoot flow effortlessly. We got so many amazing shots!

After that we ate lunch where she continued to share her boudoir knowledge and experience with me. We returned to the studio and worked on editing. This information required notes! So much information to take in.

Being new to the boudoir photography business I thought I would be a little nervous and intimidated. But I felt the exact opposite. I was really relaxed.

Overall, it was well worth it. I learned way more than I expected. I am now more confident in my work. If you are considering a mentor session with Heather, don't hesitate!